Global Property Store with Decentralized Title Registry

Propy token sale ended on 15th of September 2017

How Propy Works is dedicated to solving the problems of purchasing property across borders.

Propy is the world’s first international real-estate marketplace. The team at facilitates connections between international entities to enable the seamless purchase of international real-estate online for the first time.


Current System

To make an international Real-Estate purchase, individuals need to work with multiple intermediaries including Brokers, Escrow services, Land Registry Services, as well as Money Transmitters. Piles of paperwork need to be compiled and signed.

Serious fraud happens on a regular basis due to confusing or malicious legal agreements. Property transfer requires months of waiting. This inefficient communication significantly hinders liquidity, reducing potential value for buyers and sellers.

Propy Solution

Propy aims to solve the problems facing international real estate transactions by creating a novel unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry. Initially the Propy Registry will mirror official land registry records in which transfers of real estate are recorded.

Ultimately, however, Propy’s vision is that jurisdictions will adopt the Propy Registry as their official ledger of record such that the transfer of a property on the Propy Registry constitutes the legal transfer of the property and the legal registration of that transfer.

Token Sale

100 Million Tokens Issued

 Token Sale 35%
 Donation 15%
 Network Growth 35%
 Company tokens 15%
Total Supply: 100,000,000
One PRO token = $1
Utility token type
Ethereum ERC20 standard
Write-access in Propy Registry

Product Roadmap

*While Propy has an effective solution that works inside today's legal frameworks, the current solution only scratches the surface of the potential disruptive effects of blockchain technology in the Real-Estate industry. The global land registry provided by Propy can serve as a single point of authority that international entities can access. Once governments and organizations realize the benefits of an open and trustless title registry platform, legacy title registry systems will be seen as slow and redundant.


Natalia Karayaneva
Real Estate Developer, 12 years of experience working with foreign investors, built 3 companies. Software Engineer and Oxford Grad
Chief Blockchain Architect
Plug&Play alumnus
Alexander Voloshyn
14 years of technical experience, specialized in mobile development and cyber security
Former CFO of BNP Paribas
Business Development, China
Former VP of Wells Fargo SF; 20 years of investment experience in Chinese technology and consumer companies
Denitza Tyufekchieva
Business Development, Europe
A blockchain advocate, croudfounded real estate platform for the Eastern Europe region
Nedialko Vatev
Site Director
John Heeter
Solidity Developer
Ivan Ivanov
Head of Product Development
Oleksii Konashevych
Blockchain architect and researcher
Denis Davidov


Michael Arrington
Daniel Kottke
David Cowan
Vinny Lingham
(Identity/Civic Integration)
Mike Costache
Jeremy Gardner